A factory automation initiative by Mitsubishi Electric


Our "Communication" partners are:

Copa Data Copa Data
C Controller based remote telemetry protocols
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Seamless integration with Mitsubishi Electric equipment to offer easy and secure remote access solutions, across both broadband & mobile Internet
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A fast low-cost solution for interconnecting Mitsubishi automation devices via a wide range of standardised industrial networks
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IBHsoftec IBHsoftec
Innovative solution to add Ethernet capability to third party PLCs, can be used in conjunction with Mitsubishi's MES IT technology to gain greater connectivity.
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Mitsubishi Electric Europe Factory Automation Mitsubishi Electric Europe Factory Automation
As the founder and leading member of the e-F@ctory Alliance, Mitsubishi Electric's Factory Automation solutions enhance the integration of the business and production environments directly with MES and ERP connectivity solutions.
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Real Time Logic Real Time Logic
Integration of web services into the control level of your plants
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The “EXTEND7000” mobile SCADA and mobile maintenance system puts any mobile device in touch with Mitsubishi PLCs
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Secomea Secomea
Secure and easy remote access solutions fully integrated with Mitsubishi Electric automation devices
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Takebishi Europe Takebishi Europe
Supporting full connectivity to Mitsubishi Electric industrial automation devices with OPC server software
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